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    by J. Frank James

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is according to Wikipedia, a now uninhabited island in the Orkney Archipelago in Scotland. A terrain of nealy 1/2 sq miles, rising barely above sea level.

My memories are returning. This is not the Cava i recall.
I feel the heat of the sunshine radiating from off of the polished glaze of alabaster on the manor's southern wall. Where the pavillion's drapes catch & swirl the galloping sea-breezes. My face sweats from the moistened wind's kisses - my nasal tastes the misty, stinging, dissolved salt. I remembered we feasted in the fall and heard new tales from mercenaries returning to the boroughs.

We were the aspirations of admirers in Rome; and borders further.

The learnt known world - regaled in our style. And when travelers, venturers, tranversed throughout the region - displaying a like-hearted passion for seeking:

Were known as CAVACiOUS ( KAR - VAY - SHUSH )   or;
Pronounced:   KAR - VA - CEE - US.


The quality of being, acting like the Cavaians.

An ancient sect of a charismatic, maybemadic conglomerate of
creative freelancing artisians, craftsmen, intellectuals & rogue
freeverse poets. Endeavoring to understand their society of
a newly forming democracy. Facilitating diplomacy.

The thin line between War & Peace.

Understanding one's self.

The collective : works to savor the day.
To move by the pointing of a progressive compass.
With a measure of comfort. Embracing an appetite for satisfying engagement. Cultivating the endeavor to bloom.

Pursuing by design. Elevation by function.

Displaying that magic is real.

Enjoying every meal.

We Promote. We have the formula that creates the salve to heal the aging dragon's soreness of throat. Skills to shatter the binding chains of warlocks enchanted quotes. Ideas over Aristole's head that pole-vaulted over the Acropolis. Harsh hand soaps and the moat has a large growing layer of calcium deposits.

I'll hang onto my fermentated - as you take my wolve-skin fur coat. Hold up. Sticky Fruit Roll-ups. Chinese manufactored smoke bombs. Too many invitations to the prom. Your mom is the absolute bomb, Thomas. Riding a red-hot fiery comet. No more comments about the chiseled abdominals. I got freestyles that are hard to stomach.
The Iceman Cometh. and defeat the Yeti. of course, I'm ready. Let me turn off the universal wide screen. Turn down the volume of the hater's screams. A steady stream. More steam. Revolutions of the turbines.
I wreck mics as a form of flirting. With disaster. and the headliners' back-up dancers. Burning a roman candle. at both ends. South-side Athens. Working to avoid sanctions and break the tendency to have a hand in the scandals.

Often wearing my emotions on my silks -
Never wearing crocs or sandals.

I'm strapped though.

You already know.

I handle - like Randy Coulture dismantles.
Pankration is excellent physical recreation.

Monitor the guard's rotation. Disrupt another coronation.
Try to fulfil the new continent's order for
the last cypha's mixtape.

Another hot summer. Cool vibes.
And more wonderful disruptive freestyle drama.
Intellectually stimulating with some dissing.

The usual politics.

---------- ----------- -- -- --- ---- ---- -- --- ----- ---- - - ------- ----

Greek mythology has had an extensive influence on the culture, arts, and literature of Western civilization and remains part of Western heritage and language. Poets and artists from ancient times to the present have derived inspiration from Greek mythology and have discovered contemporary significance and relevance in the themes.*


In my dreams... I long for Troy. Home.

The greening rolling hills of a land - i faintly remember.

I've traveled through time and rhyme. Cursed since birth by the bite of a japanese sea-dragon. My ancestor with melanin of noir and brave deeds related in yore. Stood strong - the bodyguard to a girl from Athens. He protected her on the field of battle when Aries fought with the Trojan army; at the time boasting...

"Any standing today live not as men".

From beneath the smoldering ruins of a still burning and arrow-ladened and demolished carriage - my bloodline held fast to his shield & bearing child in arm arose. In the now tattered robe - a gift from a roman noble; torn clothes adorn a steadfast soul.

The God of War to his own ashaming scorn -

had made my root - immortal.

I know Athena. We shared a laughter that echoed and reverbrated against the hollow halls and vestibules of the wind-blasted and cracking facade of the Coliseum. My ears pricked at Plato's perspective. My mind was wet clay - forming wonders by the musing idealogoies of statemen and oracles. However, my memories are fragmented. The socercy of a hater in Olympia. My dreams - are not only dreams. They are the truth
of a life(s) lived. They contain the Tales of Aries.
I battled Tutakuman, liberated T.R.I.X.I.E.
And traveled to Andromeda
through the slip-stream.

I flow with Apollo.

And taught him to live for tomorrow.

On Zeus's behalf - gave Typhon sorrow with filled the Necropolis with the corpes of his associates. You know i did. Pop bottles with Enyo after cruising the metropolis. I continue to remain slightly inebriated and highly unapologetic. My dee-jays time-phase and plays laser microwaves - contorting beats and transforming scratches...
like lightning flashes, Sahara's sand-blasting.

A wicked whipper's lashings.

Transporting 600 1200's in 300 sarcophagus.

200 Sirens sporting a trove of emeralds,
sapphires & diamonds.

I'm keeping it 100.

My crushes presence adds another rush.
As the twins sabotage the Titan's tour bus.
More Larimar bars from favorite hit
Songs of The Charismatic Cavaians.

My friends are Cavacious.

Usually noticeable behind the photosensitive lenses shading their pupils & moisterized, refreshed, smiling & lovely faces.
Like they're hiding five aces. The galaxy's spacious. I'm often lazy.

Amazing in the office with help from Avery. i like the smokey visuals from hazy. The nay-sayers can shut the phuck up.
Turn up the flames. Red onions simmering in gravy. as my blunt continues burning - a stain on my blazer is unconcerning. Irriatiating through to my uptown lady friend. Like my sometimes clumsy behavior. I'm spilling my glass - drunkingly savoring more cultivated eastern-asia and pan-pacific flava. As Aries shows off his superiority at naval capabilities. This small increasing minority is increasing it's verocity to increase the vibrancy of your residency. Accomodating inclinations for the celebratory occassion.
Obtuse flossing. Pearl clutching.

Exhuberant "Oh-My Goshing!".

Heracles spitefully smashes
the last of the forbidden written comments -
because I wrote them between two columns.

Mic Check 1, 2, 3.

I add another volume.

The alumni gather for the cypha. Plato works to decipher the notes outlined by my - April showers brings spring-air hyper-oxygenated May flowers- scented flourescent high-lighter. Athena's cousin's Open-All-Nite diner is much finer than the interior of Chronos' 747 jet-airliner. That outfit -- fierce -- wonder who's her designer. I'll need another binder for the freestyle i'm writing. Typing. Hyping. Recruiting the Pied-Piper. Pontus' pointed elbow remind's me to not fall behind in the consumption of my nectar. I tilt my cavase at an appropiate vector - geometric leverage - to consume the beverage. Amplified Iamicpendameter escapes all known perimeters. I share a smile with Despoina. the creature that never ceases to cause my heart rate to increasing - the ampitude of it's beating. and the tsunami's waves are receding; Poseidon making a splash as he dismounts from his steeds. Sea-Stallions. Us and the megladons rock Meg's albums.

Seventy-Seven Sea-Shells blasts clash with the temples bells.

Shady Hade's back from hell
with dark tales like Dante' to tell.

Mix-tapes & NFT's to sell.

The lights fades - the chamber swells.

And everyone smells the aroma. of the coming wonderous epicurean drama. Feta and extra virgin olive oil with jalapeno and onion. Harissa with the twist - a dish of bliss - traditional North African condiment. Caramelized hummus blended. Intoxicating scents and i'm appreciating the selecta's time-code stretching of the sample. Their new uniform's camo pattern. Mixology and psychology. Activates her biology. Salivating physiology. My girlfriends acting so greedy.
again. so easily. Really.

Notice; no clack-clacking. Just luscious lips smacking. Incisors operating amply. Greasy fingers. i love that they're happy. Light and fresh eggplant dip - fresh herbs. Curb my enthusiasm as a spasm of adjectives. adverbs. ad-libs.
adds spent shells to a nuclear pile of newly minted words.

Observe more absurd.

Even more: he got the nerve.

We love what we do. the pursuit. the thrist. to write the next verse. tales of the formation of the universe. may i sip from this chalice first. The percussion booms. Patrons fill the room. and gather at the dining table. Keeping the needle stable is not necessary with this digital format. High-hats chat in the blossom of the sub-sonic. Live from the mediterranean tropics. Fashionable optics. Passionate arguements on trivial, but entertaining social topics.

Young Alexander's growing proficiency

at political debate and global hopscotch.

Diplomatic relationships. He could work on having - a bit more patience. His antics - and the producer's insistence about new lyrics for the re-mix caused me to dismiss...
plans for an extended vacation in Egypt.
And I missed Mount Vesuvius' eruption.
Continue the function.

Never postpone the luncheon.

May i approach the podium.

A shout out to Odin.

I give pardon to 100 hardened felonious wordsmiths.
And share orchids from the garden of the praying Mantis.
By imperial edict : the emperor has granted me clemency -
to G-Depp my special delivery.

I kneel and pray to the Lord,
Most Mightiest everyday, Jehovah.

Soothed my traumas from the bruisings of my burdened shoulders. The point of the spear - teflon coated.
Retro-fitted Gear. Thunder Road, Hip-Hop,
Rock & Rolling - soldiers march on.

High Five's and Dive In...  
Live from Sparta.

I'll tear apart the corrupted hearts of the Minataur's front line of 88 royal guards. Hand the children the dented crown to roll around in the marble covered carpeted courtyard. Let them play. As I slay - the rebellous in nature; from the shores of the Californian Sequoian Basin to Mount Olympian Bay.

Make the right turn at the corner... onto "H" Street.

Firmly griping like isotonia;
with bars left-over from the fest in Barcelonia.
Mr. 'I wanna'... gonna, check the passport of the foreigner.
From South Troy. The Coldest Trojan. Boldest.

With senatorial aspirations
    and associates
      from Athens.

What's happening.
The rapping with trappings
of Ceasar's version
of Diplomacy

Only me and Theia has the vision to see. Beyond 2033.
into the next century. Those 3 centurions are with me.
We're rolling 2 leagues deep with reformed polynesian thieves.

To Tell The Story of The Cavacious.

A conglomerate of intellectually crafty and creatively-gifted & empathetic bass heads. Bad spelling emcees on self-prescribed McGyverish-iously formulated non-commercial meds. Covert ops freelancers, part-time exotic dancers, a Norsesman that raised Prancer. working with sly shinobi and an alphabet - of federal internationals. You heard what I said. I rock with justice.
Tell Augustus to stop the, the needless fussing.
Quiet the fronting. And stop the cussing.
I can make you hush. Insitigate the rush
of a 10,000 troop phalanx thrust.

I'm trying to be diplomatic.

Leave the automatics in stasis.
  Taste this twist - of 22 degrees of the Praying Mantis Fist.
    80 chariots, Audis, Benzs.

8 messengers carrying encryted instructions;
and newly developed, more effective equipment
to loyal agents within the protected walls of the 8 wards -
surrounding the provincial borders of Mount Olympus.

A conglomerate of intellectually crafty and creatively-gifted & empathetic bass heads. Bad spelling emcees on self-prescribed McGyverish-iously formulated non-commercial meds. Covert ops freelancers, part-time exotic dancers, a Norsesman that raised Prancer. working with sly shinobi and an alphabet - of federal internationals. You heard what I said. I rock with justice.
Tell Augustus to stop the, the needless fussing.
Quiet the fronting. And stop the cussing.
I can make you hush. Insitigate the rush
of a 10,000 troop phalanx thrust.

I'm trying to be diplomatic.

Leave the automatics in stasis.
  Taste this twist - of 22 degrees of the Praying Mantis Fist.
    80 chariots, Audis, Benzs.

8 messengers carrying encryted instructions;
and newly developed, more effective equipment
to loyal agents within the protected walls of the 8 wards -
surrounding the provincial borders of Mount Olympus.

Because People Have A Story To Tell.
Real & Imagined.

High-octane deranged fangs sank.
into the beast's shanks.
Cleaning off the dining tables.
tornados removes desert camoflaged
Abhram's tanks.
Dispensing the forward column.
Adding Adrenaline to my parabellum.
i made a solemn promise:
to shower the masses with
the mysteries of Hip-Hop knowledge;

and to keep the Imperial mic polished.

to abolish...
the wreckless- ineffective language of...
im-po-tent poets.

Engulfing crooked politicians.
from the New Mexican region.
Sound stage technicians.

I Talk - Ted Listens.

Reach me on Linked-in. I'm linked in.
Flipping like Lincolns.

A penny for your thoughts.

Earned trillions - in military contracts.

I'm exempt from Assassination attempts.

X Men with dangerous ex-girlfriends and likewise enemies - born with x-ray vision. Their marvelous story -told on nearly every - cable-ready American television.

Asian Assassins with feminine characteristics -
armed with the sadistic ancient and mystic.
wrist locks and poisoned-infused bamboo syringes.

Ninja trained shinobi sciences - heightened senses.
Meticulous meta-physical fitness regimens.

Rolling up for me, wild flower trees.
Rolling up on you -

9 Tribes.... 60 Caravans deep.

Humming in unison our fight song; humming along in a humvee - the hills beyond Thunder Dome are not that steep.
I just caught another - in another of - in a lot of....
long string... of good nights' sleep.

Wake me up before 3.

Before these 3 emcees, 2 actively participating,
and one 'retired'... flees. Bring them before me.
M&M, Logic, and that creepy guy... Mr. Z.
and any other affiliated b, & c's, AK's & jays.
No old-school fazed please.

Flossing my record with no losses.
Fighting for worthy - wordy Art related causes.
With little pauses. Flawless assaulting.
Whose counting the mounting bodies
during Congressional lobbying.
The escaped emcees hobbling.
I continue hob nobbling with Royalty.

I castle my King and blazenly bring out
the Nubain Queen.

Cleopatra. Phat and dancing like Patra.

Tone specatacular.
In drop top benzes -
5 Animal Style Graphically printed...
yoga pants- Tiger Claw, Cobra Strike,
Wuhan Mountain Stance.
the sporadic dance of my imperial lance.

Gees in G wagons -Chrome armor-plated rims
and the Iranian Army's Fourth
& Fifth Divisions.
In high school - Jordan missed the cut -
while i made incisions. with deadly precision -
that determined decisions
of paramount importance
to the worlds' politic arena.

I smashed Anthea.
in the ruins of the Colosium.
Funky cold Medina.
She stole a vial of my semen -
escaped with 33 demons...
during the Fall of Elysium.

Let me know if you see em.

Agents pursuing them... Last spotted them...
near the boroughs of Bethlehem.
south of west-side Jerasulem.
Plotting with evil men. Jezebel was with'em.

50 Cent's try'in to sign them.

Multitudes of Merciless Mercenaries
from the 5th Dimension.

3 Blind men with divinely inspired font scripts
and Pre-Victorian era tintilating -
older than old-english - penmanship.

Employing pyrokinetics. Mixed with bio-plegm sythentics.
My force of replicants -with advanced ai implants.
Has registered their copyright priveleges
to the United Song Writers Association.

My dedicated league - fitting emcees with inexpensively made
chinese manufactured posthetics. on credit -
use my platinum card. for any required charges.
i dont need to take the credit.
My manuscript needs professional editing.
I'm busy vetting veterans.
tell Mister MacArthur he can come in...
and have a seat right there -
in the chair with the glare.
Next to Napolean. Leonidas. and a leader
of the Roman forces that attacked Alexander.

I'm great.... As i continue with barrages.
to settle the surcharges.
Pathetic resident pheasants anit threathening.
Letting in the torrent ahborent
without warrants.
Foriegn agent present deadly pestilence.
Defenseless against my unrelently relentless...
senseless mayhem. Amen.

No man can withstand- my grandstanding....
new age understanding uplifting riffing;
rifling, stifling these trivial things
you bring to the center of the ring.
the universe is an octagon -
i enjoy the lavish comfort of it's circumrence.
abundant ammunition.
Reduntantly crushes your apologies.
Psychologically... bothering your analogies -
seething - still teething.
Barely breathing.

Believe in me - or at least in these
lyrical dieties feeding thee -
astrally projected frequencies...
of universal dualities - times three -
exponetially increasing the necessity of you to
remained bowed at my feet.

Kiss my big toe pinky-bling-bling.

I skeek skeek skeek.
Pisces species flood 17 seas.
Freeze. Dr. Freeze. Don't make me squeeze
the hair trigger. there's already Ice Cube's AK
in the top of the refrigerator.
i always mention my close-knit

SkyNet association to Terminators.

Always pack lazers, in layers,
for Super Nova-Star Players.
Graze ya; See Savior. Hear more flava then what
Grandmother gave ya... on your gravy-smothered
seasoned au-gratin mash potatos.

Hush Baby Boy, Hush.
Wisdom tooth grind to dust.
When you attempt to spit my illustrious -
illuminous love letters to God.

Banksy applaudes.

My graffiti impressed Nefartitti.
Nostradamues noted in parenthesis....

I'm up early. my vision's still blurry.
I can still hit my shot like Steph Curry.
Aeshia says... "She's the Chef".
There's was no tech called from the ref.
The three swishes the net. The bucks beats the Nets.
Who lost on the bet ? an offensive threat is

currently presence.

Yes, You spell that...
Flow-er & Flower with an F .

First, let me SEE the Money .
Then we can talk about...   What you want.

This is another
violation of the Treaty -
Freestyle Production.

Notice,... Kanye's not interrupting.
Not at any of my functions.

The streets is listening. Cover those bars ;
don't leave'm uncovered - exposed - glistening.


Almost too blinding.
as you're compelled to rewind -
before you absorb the next line. i keep firing.

Because the government's always hiring. Conspiring.
And our plans ain't always in alignment.

I continue my assignment.


The FBI has formulated their profile.

It's all wrong. I'm Live from a yacht navigating the Nile.
My country-boy's working hands' finger-nails need
spa-treatment & filing.
I wanna smoke a blunt - but
i'm feeling too lazy to roll one.
I'll overcome that inertia. Maybe, time for a girlfriend.

Retain the valet.

I continue to daly-up bodies of whack emcees daily.

I do not fear Slim- or Phat Shady.
I only slightly fear the abilities of the U.S. Navy.

I can't swim.

I launch from eastern seaports.
We love to rock Helly Hansen for sport.

New Balance.

We got the girth of the first commonwealth
to meet the challenge.
We don't want to have to call no ambulances.
the clashing of lances at the royal dances
is bombastically outlandish.

And very unattractive.

I'm weary of acquiring & discarding burners.
I'm actually ready to be a grand-father.

I'll watch those toddlers.

As she whispers to me in spanish -
and i don't understand it.
My lyrics causes more damages
to the pursurer's advantages.

I mind my manners. Spitting parables -because

the turntables are turning. Incense is burning.
How much for a Mix-Tape? I haven't considered it.
Excuse me, she's still speaking.
My vocal wave is riding channel 3.

Thank You for understanding my body language.

I strangle the next chord you're tangling.
Aligning my fighter jet with the corrected angling.

Since you like to tango.

The sweetness of my mango,

Black ass Django-lango's flows...

is providing access
to more watering holes.
I'm thristy. Please be at least 30....
kilometers traveling distance.

Bear witness. Excercise an attitude for
progressive mental fitness.
Kindness is a highly fundamental underlying
necessary qualifying requirement.
No time - at all - for bull,
horse, bird, itty-bitty, hundred dollar shit.

Mic checking. Feels like i'm pulpit-ing.
Pinch-hitting, for my henchmens' benchins'.
A dedication beyond benjamins and championships.
Chips and other weak earthling glitches.

i flip the script of my pass abusive relationships -with
involvement into minding my own hot-ham business.

and live with a quiet finess pioneering out-westwardly...
at a 45 degree angle. It's too cold.
Join someone as cool as you - at the next platueu.

Imma "LIGHT iT UP"

Hand me my Astro-Blaster,
Draw Faster Sensei - Sifu - Master .
Black Ass Instigator Hater .
Hide Darth Vader in the basement .
Repay favors. Return borrowed sabres.

Aid the Man-in-Black's escape.

This beat - will determine my fate.
I feel the weight of the fight - in my mic.
Jake Paul tonight : Try Satan himself.
For the belt. And my soul's on the line.
I'm fine with that. Cause look who got my back.
And my front. My profile deflies the craziest lies.

I won't need an alibi . I hang around to provide...
details. On how -they all fail.
Demons can't make bail. Jezebel...
is still fine as hell.

Jesus,... help me. Thank God for these beats.
Artillery and Chivarly and BARS glistening;

For the One - that's listening.

You missed it . You was outside pissing.
"Missed What?" The first eruption .

Can We Continue without interuption.
The function alt key is my favorite keyboard button.
Next to destruction. Deleting the need for feeding
my ego's insatiable desire for being
ridicously greedy. i mean really...

40 emcees.

You EITHER... Do know - or don't know
Where I can find Jay Z .

in the alpabet.

quit ( ! )

i'm back - i was not taking a nap.
i collapsed in the middle of my relapse.

i just recieved the fax from vader i'm wanted back.

in the lab. in the group of three emcees...
a conspiracy. stop the piracy. plus catch up with Iris.
the eypgtian goddress that jacked the last freestyle
i wrote down on papyrus.
i usually commit to memory.
Meet me at midnight at the cemetery.

Where the first pharoah is buried.

i'm late and in a hurry.
i'll leave your creative vision blurry.
Freestylers scurry.
beating more clocks than steph curry.
Can stephen ever get even.
taste the baked leaven.
i'm leaving you full of nutritional supplemental
fundamental lyrical principles.

My vocalized force-field is impenetrable.

My formula's simple.
Two ounces of pure holy water from the temple.
Mixed with my spittal.

Loaded into the nose of the ICBM missiles.

i would love to continue addressing the issues
of your mistresses' continued
dismissing of your no longer indulging pursuits.

As i bite from the forbidden fruit of the harlot deemed the cutest.
No refuting - my mainframe's rebooting -
as my henchmen continue shooting.

Who exactly is 'You' ?

i have'nt the slighest clue from Blue.
I sense the efferevscence of your magnificience .

I'm out on a reduced sentenced. i penned it.
There will be no amendments.
i said what i intended... and meant
every word of it.

Notice... i didn't finch a single millimeter or inch...
when Thanos rose from the bench.

I'll crack his fingers - as i flirt with the back-up singer -
slash - personal assistant killa ninja.

You over there - should mind your phucking business.
i continue to flex with the swag of
the Vampire Hunter's Seasonal Covenant.
While fortifying the foundation for expanding
the Imperial Freestyle Union's
Universal Shadow Government.

Double tax this province. Too quiet like the amish.

My mic needs polishing. My bars are like halogen.
I made them stop Hailing Ceasar.
When I crushed his spirit
in the middle of the amphitheater.
Can i be any clearer:
I'm amped up with hits starring at the theater.

"Come Here, Cleopatra".
Nobody called you.... Alexander.

Stop the incessant cock-blocking.
Mingle with some folks at the function.
The party's rocking.
the alchemists are concocting...
Precious metal blingy things.
Large golden hoops and nose rings.

Ghostdini's Golden Eagle wrist bracelet.

Swing on these.... as i do my thing:


Whack emcees causing constipation.
i'm on my 3rd re-incarnation and i miss home.

Alpa Centuari .

If you're gonna tell the story. Tell it right.

No man relieved me of my mic.
No army came within sight on radar.

How do you like my freestyle so far ?

as i unload the cargo hold of my retro-fitted Death Star.
and think- i left my astral-phone-charger on Mars.
I'll borrow one from Elon. if he's home.

i'm gone.

Projected FALL 20 24WARD FOR WAR  
By J. Frank James* :: Cell (202) 539 - 5501
* aka Francis 'The Most' Flavius of the Augustus
Email : helpeachother @ winning . com
From Beautiful Metro Wash DC/MD/VA Return to Top.